Making Money is Very Easy

Making money online is an easy process. I have been making plenty of money from home since last 10 years and made a fortune online.

Why do many people fail to make money online?

It is said that 90% of people fail to make money online and only 10% succeed. There are two reasons, they do not learn important methods and they do not follow the right steps followed by successful people. Here I am explaining you 10 simple steps, I guarantee you, If you follow these steps carefully you will make a fortune online.

Do you want to make $1000 a day online without any investment?

If you say YES, you are never going to make money online. You can work for peanuts as a freelancer in competitive market or promote some affiliate products or old PLRs or MRRs that never convert.

Every business needs some initial investment, off course online business too. Think, you are opening an offline business, you need to rent an office, buy furniture, computers, printers, office stationary, pay bills and much more to add. Why many people want to make money with empty hand? These people will slowly become frustrated of working online and quit.

If you need to earn money you need to invest little like buying a domain and hosting, build a website and email autoresponder service. These are very simple processes, many people are afraid about buying domains or building websites. This is not hard as you think, you can complete these things within few hours if you follow the steps explained in this e-Book.

 In this e-Book
I am going to explain everything step by step. This is only for serious people who want to make REAL MONEY online and become rich and live a life of financial freedom. Okay, lets start.


Decide a niche in which there is huge potential of earning good money.
I would suggest some top selling niches here:

Make money online
Internet marketing
Weight Loss and Fitness
Mobile apps
Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
Beauty Products
Anti aging
Health and Nutrition
These are some good niches you have great potential to make huge money.
Once you decided the niche, you can go to the step 2.


This is a simple but very important step and you may need just 10 to 20 dollars. Remember you want to make $1000 a day online, the math is 1000*30=30000 Dollars a month and $360,000 in a year. 
wow..its cool, isn't it?

 If you want to make 360,000 dollars a year, you need to invest little initially. This is a one time investment. I guarantee you, after completing all 10 steps your investment would be $50 to $100 for a year. Do you think this is too much? off course not.

okay, let me explain this step.

After you choose the niche from step 1, go to hostgator. This is one of the best web hosting company and their products, service, server up time and pricing are really very good.
Click here:
You can see their hosting plan, choose a baby plan or business plan. It costs hardly $4 to $6. After choosing a plan they will ask you some basic details like name, address and email. Fill their form up and check out, while checking out you will see a message, "you want to add an existing domain or book a new one?"
Choose a new domain and book a domain according to the niche you decided in step 1.

For example: you chose weightloss or make money online
Book a domain something like this, or or

according to availability book any domain and complete check out. Their chat support is available 24 hours you can chat with them seek help if you have any doubt or problem in booking your domain and hosting.

After completing the steps, you will get the hosting and domain details. Keep them aside.
In the coming steps I will explain how to get your money making website built. You do not need to have any skills or technical knowledge, I will explain where to get these jobs done for almost zero cost.


Info products are e-Books, training videos or e-courses. You can make tons of money with these kinds of info products without lifting a finger. You never need to write an ebook, or create a video or e-course, there are thousands and thousands of info products written and created by famous authors are available with resell rights, master resell right(MRR) and private label rights(PLR). These products are gold mines.

What is resell right- Right to sell

What is master resell right-  Right to sell and distribute and give others permission to sell

What is private label right- You can edit, use your own name, label, insert links, sell, resell or do what ever you want that.
You can buy 2000 PLR Digital Products here.

You have decided the niche in step one, right?
Now you go to one of the best and top info product bulk vendor who sells thousands of ebooks, software, videos, websites, templates, scripts and much more.
Idplr is FREE to join and download up to 500 products for free.
Join IDPLR for free here
I would suggest you to upgrade to  life time member and get unlimited access to their store. This will help you in a great way.

Or you can also start quick PLR business here: 2000 Instant Money Making Businesses


Selling e-books and info products is old way that everyone knows. I am going to tell you a secret way to create multiple streams of income and an info product empire.

Now, I am going to explain how to create your money making website with downsell and upsells.

what is a front end sale, downsell and upsell?

Front end sale is a sale on your website page.

Upsell is a sale takes place after the front end sale in back end as a second sale. This is called OTO too. (one time offer)

Downsell is sale takes place when your visitors decide to leave the page.

By following all the 3 kinds of sales, you get more sales and more income.

Front end   $47 product
2 Upsells       $99  each product
Downsell   $27 product

You can add as many downsells and upsells ensuring you $200 per customer. Small math, if you get 5 customers a day, you make $1000 day.

 Depending on the traffic you drive to your website, you can make more, that I will explain in later parts of this e-Book.
Believe me, many internet GURUs and experts are making 10,000 plus every day using this front end-upsell-downsell method. But, they never reveal the secret to anyone, just throwing old ideas to others and hiding their secrets.


What is an autoresponder? Autoresponders are a series of follow up emails or promotional emails targeted to get repeated sales from existing subscribers.

Why do you need an autoresponder service?

You promote your website spending lot of time and efforts to bring visitors. If you are not using an autoresponder service to collect emails of the visitors, 
you will be leaving tons of money on table. It's going to be a great loss, if you don't have a squeeze page or optin page.

I would suggest your to join  the best autoresponder for free for first month and $15/month after a month. If you do not want to spend on aweber you can join mailchimp for free, but it is difficult to understand their system and they dont have user friendly interface.
I have added videos on how to create optin forms in aweber to capture emails. You can watch.


Paypal is an online payment gateway that works with your email called email payments. They operate in 190 plus countries and most trusted payment method in USA and 190 more countries. Having a paypal account is very important to collect payments on your website.

You can join paypal for free and create payment links to collect payments.

If you do not have a paypal account join PayPal here.


What is a squeeze page or landing page? A landing page for lead capture with killer headlines or sale copy. This is used by many internet marketers to capture emails and other details of a visitor so that they can follow up  and convert them into sale and income.

Either you can use a simple squeeze page or a long sales page depending on your wish.

You can create awesome squeeze pages or landing page here

You can also launch you entire website/sales page with them with OTO (downsell+upsell)

Click hereto built your first sales funnel or squeeze page.

This is an important step.
This decides your entire sales funnel and income.
Create a $20 to $50 product on front end, and upsell $50 to $99 and downsell $20 to $37.

For example: You sell a package of 100 E-Books and software in any niche for $47 at back end you can offer 1000 e-Books for $99 as upsell this will temp the buyer, if your customer decide to leave, you can give the $47 front end product with $20 discount and price would be $27. This will make the customer happy and they may decide to buy.

Use all these tricks and create you sales page. Once your page is ready you can start promoting. I am going to tell some awesome ways to get unlimited sales and income without any hard work in next steps.


Facbook: create a facebook page for your website. Join many groups and like minded people and promote your business. You can also use facebook ads.

Google plus and twitter also good places to promote.

Place classified ads, forum posting and pinterest.

You can buy banner ads and solo ads.

Search google for solo ad networks

Warrior plus is also good to sell your products.

You can create viral videos and promote on youtube and vimeo.

you can hire freelancers from the below listed places to promote your website.


If you want to skyrocket your income and earn tons of money, you need affiliates or jv partners to promote your products.

List your product in following networks.

These networks has more than 5 million ( 5,000,000) affiliates waiting to promote others product for commission.


Once you listed your products, you can get affiliates to promote your products, you need to pay them 25 to 60% commission as per your wish. 50% is normal.

Once you get affiliates, you can sit at home and enjoy automated income day and night.

Here is a math:

If you get 100 affiliates you are guaranteed to become a millionaire within 6 months to a year.

100 affiliates make 1 sale per day=100 sales a day

100 sales*$50=$5000 per day, in a year $1,62,5000
It is almost 2 million.
You can hire freelancers to set up your product on jvzoo or paydotcom here on fiverr.


Once you start receiving plenty of traffic through your web promotion, you need to set up autoresponders with follow up emails, you can promote your own products and also others product as affiliate for commission (join clickbank, jvzoo,paydotcom and choose any product related to your niche)
By doing so, you will get life long repeated sales from your existing subscribers.

You can hire freelancers to set up autoresponders here on fiverr or freelancer.

This is the perfect blue print of $1000 a day online used by most of the internet millionaires.

Read these 10 steps over and over again until you understand everything and follow all the 10 steps. It needs lot of hard work, but you can automate everything if you outsource people to do it for you.

Remember, if you are serious about making $1000 per day, you have to follow all the 10 steps with total dedication and keen interest.

The future is yours.

All the best.

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